general terms & conditions

I like to use my voice to take your audio(visual) project to a higher, professional level.

On this page I explain how I work and what you can expect.


   before recording

You’ve found your way to me and are interested in using my voice for your project? Great! To clear up any doubts, you can ask me for a free trial recording. I will record a part of your script free of charge and deliver it to you, so that you can decide whether you want to work with me.


My website deliberately does not contain a static rate overview, because the price depends on many factors. The most important are the length of the text and the way the recording is used. The general rule is: the more widely the voice-over is used, the higher the price of the right of use. Some examples: a commercial for a local radio (from € 15)  is cheaper than a radio spot for a regional (from € 50) or national station (from € 100). An internal company video of two minutes (from
€ 100) costs less than an online spot that is advertised on social media (from € 150). A commercial that runs for four days is cheaper than a commercial that runs for a year.

So feel free to ask me for a non-binding quote. Voice over work is my secondary profession and I do my utmost to work at fair yet democratic prices. If you agree with the price, our digital communication about this (e-mail) is binding.


Send me the final, approved script. Do you still have doubts about the text? Don’t worry, with my background as a linguist, I can help you fine-tune any Dutch text. Arrange this well with me in advance, so that I can add a possible language correction round to the quotation. 

Does your script contain ‘special’ terms, such as product names that are specific to a company? Or do you want a telephone number to be read in in a specific way? Be sure to indicate that in the script. 
It is also nice if you brief me about the preferred style of speech. You can, for example, refer to a sample from my website, in which you found my intonation suitable. Or you can explain to me exactly how you want it to be: calm, slow, dynamic, warm…In any case, I will provide you with multiple takes, so that you have a choice in the tone of voice. 

You can direct me digitally if you wish. For example, we call via Skype or Zoom, where I record the text while you listen in. Because of my part-time job, I often perform my voice over work in the evening, but I like to look for a moment when we are both available.


I do the recording in my home studio, usually within 24 hours after the order is completed, unless otherwise communicated.I use a Rode NT 2000 microphone, the software Audacity and a Steinberg interface. By default I record at 44 kH and 24 bit. If you want other settings, please let me know. 

Unless otherwise agreed, I’ll send you the recording as one file. That recording is rough, so it hasn’t been polished yet. Of course I remove disturbing noises or slips of the tongue. 

I usually deliver files as a wav file, via an e-mail with a link to WeTransfer. If desired, I can also deliver it as an mp3-file. If you prefer to work with a stable link, I can also deliver the file via Google Drive. Let me know what you prefer.

   after recording

I’d love to hear your feedback. Are you satisfied? Great! Feel free to add a review to my page on Google My Business. This allows me to get to the attention of other potential clients more quickly. 

Did I make a mistake? I will of course correct it as soon as possible. 

Would you like a different tone of voice? In that case, write me very well about what you expect exactly and I will send you the retake as soon as possible. One retake for tone of voice is included in the price. 

Will the text of the script be changed afterwards? Are sentences changed or text added? In that case I will also arrange a retake, but then I will charge a fee depending on the extra work.


I usually send my invoice within the following month. As a small business, my invoices are exempt from VAT. 

The fee is payable 30 days after the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed. For large amounts, interim invoices can be used. We also agree that in advance. If the fee has not been paid within the month, I will send you a kind reminder. If the invoice is not paid within two weeks after the reminder, I will charge 10 % interest per year and a fixed compensation of 10 % on the total invoice amount, with a minimum of € 50 as compensation. Any legal costs and implementation costs shall be borne by the defaulting customer.


It is important to me to update my portfolio regularly so that I can show other potential customers sufficient demo material. If your audio or video content appears online, I’ll be happy to share that file via a link on social media or add it to my website. If you’d rather not, tell me.

Would you like me to contribute to the promotion of your project? Be sure to ask me to tag you or your company in my social media posts.

Any order constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions described above by the customer.

I’m looking forward to voicing your text!