Vlaamse voice-over met microfoon Flemish voice talent with microphone

Are you looking for a Flemish voice talent? Search no more! My name is Gitta and I record voice overs from my home studio in Averbode, Belgium.

In our audiovisual culture it is important to tell your story in a convincing way. After all, everyone is flooded with information and images on a daily basis, via smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV…

My mission? To make your text stand out and take it to a higher level with my professional voice! Whether your project has a commercial, informational or entertaining background, a clear, pleasurable voice with the right intonation, is a must.

I really like to add value to your project by using my voice in the right way, which is not only possible in Dutch, but also in British or juicy ‘Kempisch’, a Flemish dialect.

My assets? I deliver your audiofile very quickly – usually within 24 hours – and my voice is really multifunctional, suitable for different types of projects: explainers, commercials, jingles, audiobooks, children’s stories…

By now I have been working as a voice talent for more than ten years. Before setting up my own home studio in 2019, I attended a few workshops at an international voice agency. I like to keep learning, so I take courses regularly!

Has your interest been aroused? Feel free to browse my samples. I’ll be happy to run a free trial for you!

Do you have questions? Have a look at the FAQ or contact me without any obligation by mail, WhatsApp or telephone. You can find my contact details at the bottom. Love to hear from you – if you ‘d love to hear more from me.

   My home studio

Vlaamse voice-over met microfoon Flemish voice talent with microphone

My small home studio is ‘selfmade by husband’ and has been further profes-sionalized in various phases since 2019.
I work with a Rode NT 2000 microphone and a Steinberg interface (UR 22 MK2).
The studio has an additional higher screen
for longer texts or dubbing.

Vlaamse voice-over met laptop Flemish voice-over with laptop

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   that’s me!

Vlaamse voice-over met microfoon en hoofdtelefoon Flemish voice-over with microphone and headphones

I have been involved in ‘storytelling’ from an early age. As a child I recorded tapes on which I read books or articles. I also wrote stories myself. As a teenager I was fascinated by poetry. At school, I was sometimes told that I had a radio voice. Later, when I started studying language and literature, I really looked forward to the pronunciation lessons, where we got to work with headphones and a microphone.
Because of my love for language, I became an editor. Not much later I was already in the recording studio of the publishing house for which I worked. Reading children’s stories was my first real assignment as a voice talent. Still, it took a few years before I gained enough confidence to set up my own home studio and start a secondary profession as a voice talent. Since then I have gained experience in many different kinds of voice-overs: commercials, jingles, explainers, voicemails, dubbing… Language and stories are therefore a common thread through my life. As a voice talent, I love to bring stories and texts to life!


The price of a voice over depends on several factors. These can easily be summarized in two aspects: the length of the text and the way in which the audio is used. In general, the price increases as the range increases. A national radio spot is more expensive than a regional one. An internal corporate film is cheaper than a film by which is advertised online. Therefore, contact me (without obligation) for a tailor-made offer.

This can be done as a wav file or mp3, via WeTransfer or Google Drive. Feel free to state your preference.

I will record your voice over within 24 hours, unless otherwise communicated in advance.

I remove any slips of the tongue or disturbing noises. Furthermore, the file is ‘rough’, which means I don’t edit it further.

No, I only provide the voice and do not have a mixing desk myself. I can of course refer you to some of my contacts who can mix your project, animate your video and so on!

Of course! Send me a part of your script, write me about the tone of voice you have in mind, and I’ll record a fragment for you. It’s up to you to decide if you want to continue working with me after that.

Yes, the script must be approved and final. This way we avoid unnecessary work afterwards.

A good briefing is necessary. What kind of project is it? What is the target audience? What intonation do you have in mind? Dynamic or calm, serious or tongue-in-cheek, warm or distant… If necessary, refer to the samples on my website. It is also important that you tell me how to pronounce specific product names, proper names or telephone numbers.

In principle, the script submitted to me must be approved and final. But of course I will be happy to help you if the text still needs to be changed afterwards due to unforeseen circumstances. I do charge a small extra cost for this, depending on the volume of text to be recorded again.

You can always ask me for a free retake based on the tone of voice. For example, a little calmer or more active, a little faster or slower… That’s usually not necessary when a good briefing has been provided.

That’s certainly possible! In addition to Dutch, I also speak fluent British English or juicy Kempisch, a Flemish dialect.

My work as a voice talent is done in a secondary occupation. This means that I am usually in my studio in the evening or on weekends. As a result, it is not easy to have a client listen in. However, if we can schedule a time, we can set up a meeting via Skype or Zoom.

I will send you my invoice within the month. If the payment is not made after a month (without reasons communicated in advance), I will send a reminder. If the payment is still not forthcoming, then I am forced to charge interest. Please read the general terms and conditions carefully.

No, as a small business I am not liable for VAT. The price on my quote is therefore the actual price you pay.



(+32) 499 16 20 07

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Vrouwelijke Vlaamse voice-over met microfoon en hoofdtelefoon